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2016.04.26 16:28
TMA.mq4 (3.25 KB)view
Author: Matias Romeo
The main weight goes for the average part of the price series. In fact, they are double-smoothed simple moving averages. The simple Moving Averages' length depends on evenness or oddness of the chosen number of periods. Operations for TMA calculation:

  • 1. To the number of periods of Moving Average 1 is added.
  • 2. The received sum is divided to 2.
  • 3. If the result was released fraction, it is rounded up to a whole.
  • 4. The simple Moving Average of close prices with the number of periods obtained up to point 3 is calculated.
  • 5. Again using the value obtained up to point 3 the simple Moving Average calculated by point 4 is calculated.

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Original code:

TD_Points&Lines_mgtd1 TD_Points&Lines_mgtd1

DeMark indicator - changed the rendering of the TD lines.


The "Trend Detection Index" indicator is a modified "TDI" indicator.


True Strength Index (TSI) is a double-smoothed Momentum. TSI follows the bars with little or hardly noticeable delay in the main and intermediate trend reversal points.


The classic TTF with the T3 smoothing method and signal lines.