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2007.06.07 10:47
2016.03.09 09:54

Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average (AMA) was developed by Perry Kaufman. The present version or i-AMA-Optimum is optimazed for the long periods.

FX5_Divergence FX5_Divergence

This indicator will detect divergence between the price and OsMA indicator. It will give buy or sell signal according to the type of divergence that was detected.

i-5days i-5days

5days indicator marks the first bar of each new day.

FX5_MACD_Divergence FX5_MACD_Divergence

This is another flavour of the original divergence indicator. It detects divergence between price and MACD indicator and gives Buy or Sell signals according to the divergence type.

FX5_SelfAdjustingRSI FX5_SelfAdjustingRSI

This FX5_SelfAdjustingRSI idicator draws RSI self adjusting overbought-oversold that were suggested by David Sepiashvili.