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2007.02.19 16:23
2014.04.21 14:51

Just draw Trend Up or Trend Down before the Expert Advisor "TrendMeLeaveMe" start. Set properties, run expert and go to sleep or work.

This expert does not work automatically. You must draw trend up, trend down or horizontal trend. Name it buystop or sellstop , set BuyStop_StepUpper, BuyStop_StepLower, SellStop_StepUpper and SellStop_StepLower Properties.

When price enter area between your buystop trend and BuyStop_StepLower, expert will open buystop order at Price BuyStop_StepUpper. When price enter area between your sellstop trend and SellStop_StepUpper, expert will open sellstop order at Price SellStop_StepLower.

The expert will always modify OpenPrice to both orders when the price walks with the trends Until Price goes out Previuos area.

You can set BuyStop_StopLoss , BuyStop_Takeprofit and BuyStop_Lot to buystop. You can set SellStop_StopLoss , SellStop_Takeprofit and SellStop_Lot to sellstop.

Look this chart to more explain:

This is another example:


Set Fibo Price Set Fibo Price

This indicator puts Prices at Fibo lines.

Symbol Index MA Symbol Index MA

This indicator shows symbol index with two MA.

Waddah_Attar_HTML Waddah_Attar_HTML

This Script creats HTML Report To Your Current Chart. It contains a usefull information. Try it.

Waddah Attar Trend Waddah Attar Trend

Indicator Waddah Attar Trend is very simple , very easy to use and very sensetive to buy and sell signals.