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2008.02.16 08:49
2016.03.08 11:26

Ultimate oscillator offered by Larry Williams is a weighted average of values of three stochastic indicators defined on a short, medium and long periods.

The length of periods is usually in the correlation 1:2:4 (doubling) or 1:2:3 (multiplicity). Periods should be chosen according to characteristics of a certain market. Recommended values are: 7-14-28 or 7-14-21.

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simple EA Works well on 1Min EURUSD

FractalAMA FractalAMA

Indicator Fractal AMA.

Williams' Accumulation/Distribution, W A/D Williams' Accumulation/Distribution, W A/D

The indicator Williams' Accumulation/Distribution, W_A/D is the accumulated sum of positive "accumulative" price movements and negative "distributive" ones.

Volume Rate of Change - VROC Volume Rate of Change - VROC

The indicator is equivalent of one of the oldest classical indicators, ROC. The prices are replaced with volumes in this present indicator.