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2018.12.18 19:13
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JMACandleTrend_x10 shows the direction of JMACandle indicator signals from ten different timeframes from the bar defined in the indicator input parameters. A trend continuation is displayed by the right arrow, while a reversal is displayed by a diagonal up or down arrow.

//| Indicator inputs                             |
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TimeFrame0=PERIOD_H1;           //chart 1 period
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TimeFrame1=PERIOD_H2;           //chart 2 period
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TimeFrame2=PERIOD_H3;           //chart 3 period
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TimeFrame3=PERIOD_H4;           //chart 4 period
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TimeFrame4=PERIOD_H6;           //chart 5 period
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TimeFrame5=PERIOD_H8;           //chart 6 period
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TimeFrame6=PERIOD_H12;          //chart 7 period
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TimeFrame7=PERIOD_D1;           //chart 8 period
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TimeFrame8=PERIOD_W1;           //chart 9 period
input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TimeFrame9=PERIOD_MN1;          //chart 10 period 
input uint SignalBar=1;                               //Bar index for receiving a signal (0 - current bar)
//---- JMACandleTrend parameters
input int JLength=30;                                 //smoothing depth                    
input int JPhase=15;                                  //averaging parameter,
//---- for JJMA, changing within -100 ... +100, affects the transient process quality;
//---- For VIDIA this is CMO period, for AMA this is a slow average
//---- Indicator display parameters
input color  CpColor=clrBlueViolet;                   //indicator name color
input color  BuyColor=clrDodgerBlue;                  //Buy signal color
input color  UpColor=clrMediumBlue;                   //uptrend continuation color
input color  NnColor=clrGray;                         //flat color
input color  DnColor=clrPurple;                       //downtrend continuation color
input color  SellColor=clrMagenta;                    //Sell signal color
input int    FontSize=15;                             //font size
input type_font FontType=Font14;                      //font type
input ENUM_BASE_CORNER  WhatCorner=CORNER_LEFT_LOWER; //corner
input uint Y_=20;                                     //vertical position
input uint X_=5;                                      //horizontal position

The indicator requires JMA.ex5 and JMACandle.ex5 indicators for operation. Place them in <terminal_data_folder>\MQL5\Indicators. For the indicator compilation, the <terminal_data_directory>\MQL5\Include folder should feature the GetFontName.mqh file.

Fig. 1. JMACandleTrend_x10 indicator

Fig. 1. JMACandleTrend_x10 indicator

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Original code:

MultiJMACandleTrend_x10 MultiJMACandleTrend_x10

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