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Astro Indicators - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2014.07.31 12:30
2016.11.22 07:32
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There are three Astro Indicators:

  1. PlanetCycles Show the Angle (Aspect) between the two selected planets;
  2. Declination Show the declination of all planets;
  3. BodyPosition Show the Position of all planets.

Select the Flag geocentric in the Indicator Parameter panel. Otherwise the view is heliocentric.

All indicator values are in degree.

Astro Indicators

Special Astro Library required:

A Special extern DLL 'swedll32.dll' for Astrocompution is required. Use it from the '' or download the original DLL from


  1. Download all files;
  2. Unpack the DLL 'swedll32.dll' in MQL5/Libraries from '' or get the original DLL (see above);
  3. Compile the Indicators 'planetcycles.mq5', 'declination.mq5' and 'bodyposition.mq5'.


You can analyse the Sun/Moon Cycle with the PlanetCycles Indicator.

Looking for turning Point in indicator and Price. the value 0 degree is the conjunction (new moon) and the value 180 degree is the Opposition (full moon).

For Inspiration search

Use the Astro Indicators in Tradingsystems:

The simplest way is the iCustom() Function. The other better way is an include of the 'swisseph.mqh' in your EA and use the Calculate() function.

Look in the indicator source how the function can be used. The return value a[0] is the bodyposition in degree and the returnvalue a[1] is the declination in degree. The return variable is defined as 'double a[6]' for more Body values.

See also help files from

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