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Zero Lag TEMA Crosses - indicator for MetaTrader 5

Mladen Rakic

votes: 5
2018.08.06 14:01

This indicator is actually a combination of two values: it shows the crosses of fast and slow Zero Lag TEMA, and that cross determines the current market trend.

Since Zero Lag TEMA is from a family of fast averages, this indicator is very responsive to sudden market changes.

PS: it is a standalone indicator. It does not need any other indicator in order to work correctly.

Schaff Trend Cycle - NonLag MA Schaff Trend Cycle - NonLag MA

This version of Schaff Trend Cycle uses a much "faster" moving average than EMA (NonLag MA) for that calculation which makes the resulting MACD "faster" and thus the resulting Schaff Trend Cycle "faster" to to market changes.

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Bollinger Bands Stops indicator that uses JMA (Jurik Moving Average) for calculation.

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