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Rsi(var) Zerolag DEMA - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.04.13 11:56

As it was shown in the Rsi(var) indicator, other Moving Averages can be used for calculation of an RSI indicator. This version is one more step in that direction.

Adding zero lag DEMA to the RSI calculation as a preferred smoothing method has two things as a result:

  • It is "faster" - zero lag DEMA is an average with significantly reduced lag (even compared to Zero lag MA).
  • Extremes (0 and 100) are reached much more often compared to regular RSI and that makes RSI as a momentum indicator even more useful.

Rsi(var) Zerolag MA Rsi(var) Zerolag MA

Rsi(var) indicator with zero lag Moving Average.

IEEE Floating-Point Decoder IEEE Floating-Point Decoder

Display the actual stored value of a floating-point number (float or double type), with very high precision up to 55 decimal digits. This helps to debug exact value of floating-point numbers for other MQL5 programs.

Hull trend Hull trend

Indicator based on Hull Moving Average.

Schaff Trend Cycle - DEMA Schaff Trend Cycle - DEMA

Unlike the original Schaff Trend Cycle, this version is using DEMA MACD for calculation, which makes it "faster" in determining the trend changes and thus producing signals a few bars earlier (which can be significant in "scalping" systems).