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2018.06.06 12:59
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The indicator is drawn as two lines and a histogram:

  1. TD Index - the trend index;
  2. Direction - trend direction line;
  3. Signal - trade direction histogram.

It has two parameters:

  • Period - calculation period;
  • Applied price - price used for calculations.

Possible interpretation of the indicator

  • If the histogram points upwards, buying is preferred; if downwards — selling is preferred.
  • The intersection of the TD Index and Direction lines, intersection of Direction and zero, as well as a change in direction can also be a signal to open a position in the direction indicated by the histogram.
  • If trading implies opening of counter-trend positions (trading on rollbacks), then a change in the line direction counter to the histogram direction can serve as a signal to open a counter-trend position.

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Original code:


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