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HOPS and LOPS - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2018.02.01 11:58
Hops-lops.mq5 (9.01 KB)view

Even though it seems like a funny name, it is not.

The "HOPS" and "LOPS" stand for High Of the Previous Session and Low Of the Previous Sessions. That makes it a sort of support/resistance or a pivot type of indicator. This version supports any of the time frames that are supported by MetaTrader 5 (even displaying lower time frame session pivots, lows and highs).


  • Use it as any previous session high/low indicator (mainly for possible break-outs).
  • If you use multiple instances on the same chart set the unique ID of the indicator to unique value - that way you can have more than one instance on the same chart.
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