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2017.11.03 12:28

Real author: Bruce Hellstrom (brucehvn)

The Psychological indicator implemented as a color histogram, featuring alerts, push and email notifications.

Possible variants of alerts, Push and email notifications (Buy and Sell respectively):

  • Breakout of the overbought zone
  • Trend in the overbought zone
  • Breakout of the indicator's midline - beginning of the Buy trend
  • Continuation of the Buy trend outside the overbought area
  • Continuation of the Sell trend outside the oversold area
  • Breakout of the indicator's midline - beginning of the Sell trend
  • Trend in the oversold zone
  • Breakout of the oversold zone

Fig. 1. The ColorPsychological indicator

Fig. 1. The ColorPsychological indicator

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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