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2017.08.10 12:38
2018.02.28 10:26
EveningStar.mq5 (25.94 KB)view

The EveningStar Expert Advisor trades the "Evening Star" pattern. The below image shows an example of operation of the underlying indicator, while the EA does not draw anything on the chart.

Indicator Evening Star

Lot is calculated based on the risk value as a percentage of free margin.

For more information about the "Evening Star" pattern please see the EveningStar indicator code.

Expert Advisor parameters:

  • Evening Star - the type of position to open (Buy or Sell)
  • Take Profit (in pips) 
  • Stop Loss (in pips)
  • Risk in percent for a deal - risk per trade as percent of free margin
  • Shift in bars (from 1 to 255)
  • Gap. true -> gap is taken into account
  • Candle 2 type. true -> type of candle 2 is taken into account
  • Candle sizes. true -> candle sizes is taken into account
  • true -> close opposite positions - handling of opposite positions
  • magic number
The EA only operates when a new bar appears.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

EveningStar EveningStar

The indicator shows the "Evening Star" pattern.

CCheckNewCandle CCheckNewCandle

The class monitors the emergence of a candlestick


The XROC2_VG indicator with the timeframe selection option available in the indicator input parameters.


The Exp_XROC2_VG_Digit_Tm Expert Advisor trades based on signals generated by the XROC2_VG oscillator.