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2017.03.02 11:57
2018.02.15 17:36
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The Expert Advisor only works on accounts with hedging! (Read here about the hedging option: MetaTrader 5 now features hedging option)

Inspired by "Martin damped" (in Russian).

The New Martin Expert Advisor opens two opposite positions upon start. OnTradeTransaction handling. When Take Profit triggers, it opens a position (one position) in the same direction. The intersection of two MA indicators is a signal to open a position of a larger lot.

Open two opposite positions at start

Then wait for the activation of TakeProfit (processing of trading transactions in OnTradeTransaction):

  • If a BUY position was closed, open (no only one) BUY position
  • If a Sell position was closed, open (no only one) Sell position

New Martin algorithm

Then we have a losing position

How to eliminate it: waiting for the intersection of two MAs.

New Martin crossing

And open a position with an increased lot in the direction of the losing position.

The balance increases while equity does not grow

The method used: "Loss percent" (difference between equity and balance) is configured in the EA's inputs. It is calculated as follows:

New Martin formula



Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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