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RSI - of adaptive T3 - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2016.11.30 08:13
2017.03.28 17:13

This is RSI that can use adaptive T3 for price filtering.

It supports 7 types of RSI:

  • Cuttler's RSI
  • Ehlers' smoothed RSI
  • Harris' RSI
  • Rapid RSI
  • RSI
  • RSX
  • Slow RSI

In some way it is RSI of average — but in this case it is using adaptive T3 (it can be original Tim Tillson T3 or the modified Fulks/Matulich T3 calculation). Also, if the adapting period is set to <=1, then the regular T3 is used (no adapting will happen then). If the T3 period is set to <=1, then it is a regular RSI (regardless of the adapting period set) — any of the chosen RSI types. Levels are adjustable and the indicator is multi time frame version already. The usual set of supported prices is built in in the indicator.

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