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2016.11.03 11:48

RSX Variation - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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RSX as is is most usually defined as "smoother RSI", and it is correct in most of the cases.

RSX uses in its calculation what we could call a momentum using period 1. This version is a variation and allows you to use instead any momentum length. Of course, it carries added lag with it (when the momentum period is increased) but in some cases (if the momentum period is increased moderately) it can filter out some false signals.

Tushar Chande's DMI Tushar Chande's DMI

Dynamic Momentum Index

Donchian Channel MTF Donchian Channel MTF

The multitimeframe version of Donchian channel.

Double Smooothed EMA Double Smooothed EMA

The gradient version of double smoothed EMA indicator.

Guppy MMA of Double Smoothed Ema Guppy MMA of Double Smoothed Ema

This version is using double smoothed ema, not some regular moving average.