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Stochastic of Adaptive Smoother - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2016.11.02 17:11
2016.11.22 07:32

Stochastic of adaptive smoother. In this one instead of using "plain" smoother, standard deviations adaptive smoother is used for price filtering.

Adapting is done using standard deviations in order to make the indicator react to price changes as quickly as it is possible. Filtered prices are adding to the false signals cleaning so, beause of that, we can consider this indicator to be a "trending" indicator.

Adaptive Smoother Adaptive Smoother

One more average/smoother that due to its fractional calculation period possibility can be used to be made adaptive.

Stochastic of Super Smoother, v.2 Stochastic of Super Smoother, v.2

The second version of indicator with added features.

Stochastic of RSX Stochastic of RSX

Stochastic that is using RSX as an input for calculations.

Donchian Channel MTF Donchian Channel MTF

The multitimeframe version of Donchian channel.