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2016.11.02 15:29
2016.11.22 07:32

This version uses T3 price prefiltering.

Unlike the MetaTrader 4 version, in MetaTrader 5 we can have more colors for a line and we can do almost the same thing that is easily done in tradestation. So, this version is using that possibility to make it change colors depending on its value in user definable steps (example is using 20 steps for that purpose).

Angle of Averages Angle of Averages

This indicator calculate angle of averages using ATR-approximation.

Absolute Strength Averages Absolute Strength Averages

Absolute strength of averages. It is upgraded to use the possible 18 types of averages in calculation.

T3 Std Adaptive T3 Std Adaptive

The T3 using standard deviations to make it adaptive

Super Smoother Super Smoother

Variable length super smoother with an addition of gradient coloring.