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2013.04.15 08:41
2016.11.22 07:32

Another variation on reversed, pivot points. The indicator draws the pivot line by daily chart values.

Fig.1 The DailyTurnPoint indicator

Fig.1 The DailyTurnPoint indicator

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Profit Loss Calculator Profit Loss Calculator

Calculator-panel to calculate profit/loss. Data is calculated either when moving lines, or changing the parameters in input fields of the entry price, lot, profit or loss in pips or in deposit currency

Demo_FileReadInteger Demo_FileReadInteger

The indicator demonstrates the example of using the FileReadInteger() function

i-MorningRange i-MorningRange

The i-MorningRange indicator

Exp_CandleTrend Exp_CandleTrend

The simplest non-indicator based trading system that defines the moments of entry by presence of single directed candlesticks