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2013.03.18 10:45
2016.11.22 07:32
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The real author:

Andriy Moraru

Float - is rather complicated indicator which analyses the previous chart history for this currency pair and then tries to analyze the current market situation trends. It displays the beginning and the end of the trend in a separate chart window as well as Fibonacci rollbacks levels and DiNapoli levels in the main window. It also displays how long the local maximum and minimum appeared.

It should be considered that the indicator is redrawn on each bar and therefore, before using it in your work, you should study its behavior on history of the strategy tester!

Indicator input parameters:

input int Float=200; //number of bars for trends analysis. The lower this number, the fresher the data, 
                //but at that the analysis becomes less precise.
input bool use_fibos=true; //Fibonacii levels permission
input ENUM_APPLIED_VOLUME VolumeType=VOLUME_TICK;  //volume

Fig.1 The Float indicator

Fig.1 The Float indicator 

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Original code:

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