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2013.01.30 09:39
2016.11.22 07:32

A popular indicator in the Internet, the author is unknown.

The ant-GUBreakout indicator draws a color marking on the chart highlighting the set time interval and setting high and low price lines for this time interval.

A distinctive feature of this indicator realization is use of the indicator buffers instead of chart objects to display time box.

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QQEA is Forex oscillator with an undistinguished name drawn on the basis of the Moving Averages and the RSI technical indicator.

R-Squared_v1 R-Squared_v1

R-squared is the linear regression indicator to calculate "reliability" of the current trend

Exp_AsimmetricStochNR Exp_AsimmetricStochNR

Trading system using the AsimmetricStochNR indicator.

AbsoluteStrength AbsoluteStrength

The oscillator that displays strengths of Buyers (Bulls) and Sellers (Bears) separately.