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The indicator for drawing possible Support/Resistance lines on classical fractals.

This indicator was first implemented in MQL4 and published in Code Base at on 25.10.2007.    

Fig.1 The SuperSR6 indicator

Fig.1 The SuperSR6 indicator 

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Original code:

Exp_MultiTrend_Signal_KVN Exp_MultiTrend_Signal_KVN

The trading system based on the indicator by Vladimir Korykin

Exp_ColorXADX Exp_ColorXADX

The trading system based on change of the trend direction and force of the trend displayed by the ColorXADX indicator.

CandleStop CandleStop

The indicator to trail the stop levels

StepSto_v1 StepSto_v1

The trend indicator. The indicator line of level 50 can serve as the point to determine the trend