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2015.09.14 10:23

Daily Break Point - expert for MetaTrader 4

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This good an H1 timeframe. This EA will execute at the new bar if the last bar has broken through the point that we set.

Breaking calculation is indicated by first bar of open day position with BreakPoint value that set in parameters.

Strategy conditions are:

  • SELL if previous bar look bearish and break the number of BreakPoint parameter.
  • BUY if previous bar look bullish and break the number of BreakPoint parameter.
  • Averaging.
  • Trailing.



Parameters description:

  • BreakPoint — distance in points to break.
  • MinSizePrevBarForBreak — order will be executed if size (iOpen & iClose) of previous bar has minimum size 5.
  • MaxSizePrevBarForBreak — order will be executed if size (iOpen & iClose) of previous bar is not greater than this parameter.
  • MaxOrderAtOnceTime — if we set the value by "2", then two order positions will open on every break point.

Example of BUY when break point.

When we set BreakPoint to 20 and open day position is 0.6924, the BUY position should open if the last bar breaks through [Open Day Point + BreakPoint] which equals 0.6944. Check the screenshot below.

Break Point Example


  • Please try first on a demo account.
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