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2014.05.27 15:04
XigXag.mq4 (5.78 KB)view

XigXag is a modification of the ZigZag indiactor. This is used in the Xtrader which can be found on the Market place. The input parameters are best described here:

  • ExtDepth=12; Number of bars for the next high or low when calculating ExtDeviation.
  • ExtDeviation=5; Number of pips higher or lower than previous high or low.
  • ExtBackstep=3; Minimal amount of bars between highs and lows.

XigXag and Xtrader

Xtrader uses this indicator to generalize highs and lows for opening and closings positions at a loss.

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Step Up and Down Forex Indicator draws the price direction movement with single arrow Up or Down on the trading chart.

DailyLines DailyLines

DailyLines Vertical lines starting new Day with above name of the DAY. Period Separators with options to choose different styles.

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