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2014.05.21 06:39

Heatmap, Gradient and Scale representation of symbols - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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The purpose of this code is to demonstrate how easy it is to create color scales, color gradients and heatmaps with the MQL4 language and functions.

In order to facilitate things, we will work with the RGB color model and the standard conversion function StringToColor. Other color conversion methods can be implemented in MQL4, however we have decided to use the RGB color model due to the facility to perform mathematical operations on the colors.


  • It's recommended to use this whenever you want to know the daily percent change of all the assets you have on the Market Watch.
  • It's recommended to use at least 5 symbols and at most 20-25 symbols (in order to fit on the screen).
  • You can choose one of the 3 display modes: Scale, Gradient or Heatmap.
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