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2014.04.22 12:59

Order Manage EA - expert for MetaTrader 4

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This is a percentage of the user set stop-loss or profit robot. When an inch head floating profit reached the level set will run close,I hope it helps manage your money.

Input parameters:

  • ManageAllSymbol : true to manage all varieties inch head, false representation only for the species as a chart-inch head;
  • UseStopLoss : true that the use of stop-loss percentage, false representation does not use stop-loss percentage;
  • StopLossPercent : Said loss account balance reached 0.02 (based on personal money management changes need to) stop when open;
  • UseTakeProfit : true that the use of percentage of profit only, false profit percentage said they did not use only;
  • TakeProfitPercent: Said floating account balance surplus reached 0.06 (based on personal money management changes need to) take profit when open.

Sorry for my English,I wish you a smooth translaction.

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