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Money Flow Index with the market flat state detection option. If the market is flat, the colored indicator cloud shrinks and is located at the value of 50, and a thick gray line appears. The criterion for determining this state is a shrunk Bollinger. The critical Bollinger shrink value is fixed by a half of its bandwidth and defined in the indicator input:

input uint flat=100; // flat value in points 

Figure 1. Indicator MFIWithFlat

Figure 1. Indicator MFIWithFlat

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RVIWithFlat RVIWithFlat

Relative Vigor Index with the market flat state detection option.

SpearmanRankCorrelation_HTF SpearmanRankCorrelation_HTF

The SpearmanRankCorrelation indicator with the timeframe selection option available in input parameters.

RSIWithFlat RSIWithFlat

Relative Strength Index with the market flat state detection option.

Exp_HullTrend Exp_HullTrend

The Exp_HullTrend Expert Advisor is based on the signals of the trend indicator HullTrend.