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2014.02.18 05:51

VR---Overturn - expert for MetaTrader 4

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On the topic of Martingale was written numerous advisors .

In this EA, you can check the classical principles of the martingale, as well as antimartingeyla .

EA code as simple as possible and all uncommented .

The principle of trade with Martingale:

  • Received initial take profit opened lot in the same direction .
  • Got a stop loss order with reverse opened a larger lot .

Principle trading at AntiMartingale:

  • Got take profit opened with a larger lot in the same direction
  • Got a stop loss opened with an initial reverse Warrant lot

The essence of the martingale system is as follows :

Begins trading with some preselected minimum lot .

After each stop loss trader should increase the lot so that in the case of take profit to recoup all past stop loss in this series, with a small income. ( For example 0,01-0,02-0,04-0,08-0,016-0,032 -0.064, etc) .

Subject to the sequence of income trader at a profit will be equal to the profit with minimum lot.

In case the trader should take profit back to the minimum lot .

Using the Martingale system, the trader does not receive benefits, it just redistributes its profit . Trader receives the stop loss is rare, but a lot, and often profit, but gradually .

The essence of Antimartingeyl is as follows :

Unlike the Martingale system where item increases if the stop loss, the system Antimartingeyl contrary - Lot increases in the case of profit.

Betting begins with the minimum lot . In the case of profit item increases in two or more times - in the case of stop loss trader returns to the original lot .

When trading on the system Antimartingeyl necessary to clearly define the boundaries of the lot increase, after which the trader must return to the original lot .

For example, after three increases ( 0,01,0,02,0,05 ) .

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Original code:

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