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2014.02.17 13:07

MQL4 OnTrade() Alternative - expert for MetaTrader 4

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Simulator.mq4 (27.29 KB)view


Coders' Guru

While discovering the MQL4 New build (610) capabilities I found a very useful even OnTrade() highlighted in MetaEditor.

I clicked F1 to see its implementation but unfortunately it's not supported yet in MQL4.

That's why I created my own Simulator.

This code will raise events on these cases:

OnOpen: When open a new instant order.

OnModify: When the order modified.

OnStopLoss: When the order close because its StopLoss.

OnTakeProfit: When the order close because its TakeProfit.

OnClose: When the order close (Not by SL or TP).

Please give it a test and tell me your comments.


Coders' Guru

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