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Channels - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2013.06.06 05:19
2017.12.26 14:17
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The indicator shows in the dynamics and performance of canals_move script (see the attached file and video). See all advantages and disadvantages.

extern int     StartBar    =  0;         // from what point the data analysis begins, 0 - from the current one.
extern int     BarAnalys   =  400;       // the number of bars for analysis in each period. Not more than 2000!
extern double  k_width     =  4;         // channel width factor
extern int     accuracy    =  50;        // accuracy of modeling 1-no accuracy, if BarAnalys-max. accuracy. The higher the accuracy, the slower the indicator
extern double  Filter      =  0.55;      // filter the depth of forming a new channel, it is advisable to use the range 0.382-0.618
extern double  MinWidth    =  0;         // the minimum average weighted channel width in points, (with smaller width channels will not be formed)
extern double  MaxWidth    =  10000;     // the maximum average weighted channel width in points, (with a wider width channels will not be formed)
extern bool    Ray         =  true;      // a sign of continuation of the channel; true - ray, false - segment
extern bool    MaxMin      =  true;      // To build a channel taking into account extreme extremes?
                                         // -true - Yes. For the construction to pass through extreme extremes, the width coefficient k_width should be large, for example 100
                                         // -false - No. In this case, the upper and lower boundary of the channel is equidistant from the central axis of the channel (the center of the "mass")
extern bool    color_fill  =  true;      // Fill channels?

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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