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GreedyPigAnalyzerIndicator - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2013.06.05 06:24
2016.11.22 07:32

I want to take screen shots of charts at intervals for analysis of combinations of indicators, Price Action, multiple timeframe analysis or various Indicator settings.

Great for back testing to research indicators, timing across multiple timeframes, price action etc.

When you drop it onto a chart it:

  1. Reads the Pair and creates a folder to store all the pics in "C:\Program Files(x86)\MetaTrader4\experts\files\pair\pic.gif" (e.g. \EURUSD\20130125_215859_EURUSD_60.gif).
  2. Reads the timeframe and sets the interval to take the pic (e.g. on M15 chart takes pic every hour(60 minutes)).

Input parameters:

  • Select Broker or Local PC time.
  • Enter color of Watermark
  • Enter font size for Watermark
  • Enter corner to display Watermark

Current Default Settings:

  • PERIOD_M1 - takes a pic every 15 minutes
  • PERIOD_M5 - takes a pic every 30 minutes
  • PERIOD_M15 -takes a pic every 60 minutes
  • PERIOD_M30 - takes a pic every 60 minutes
  • PERIOD_H1 - takes a pic every 240 minutes
  • PERIOD_H4 - takes a pic every day
  • PERIOD_D1 - takes a pic every week
  • PERIOD_W1 - takes a pic every month
  • PERIOD_MN1 -takes a pic every month


  • If you are trying to learn how your indicators, or combinations of indicators are behaving in certain market conditions.
  • If you are trying to learn about multiple timeframe analysis, setup 3-5 timeframes and analyze the charts for patterns, study the behaviors.
  • Learn what Price and your indicators looks like on the M5, M15, H1, H4 when the trend reverses, or trend continues.
  • Learn by studying the cycles of price to better understand how the markets move.



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