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2012.06.25 10:47

Bollinger MA Price - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Standard Bollinger Bands ® indicator is based on simple moving average. This Bollinger MA Price indicator is more elastic in input parameters. It will allow you to use other moving averages, standard spectrum of applied prices and to calculate upper and lower lines more precisely with deviation as a double value.

This indicator is prepared based on Bollinger Bands, BB template. Several completed versions of Bollinger MA Price indicator are also prepared for those, who knows what moving average and price to use.

Input parameters:


  • 0 - Simple moving average,
  • 1 - Exponential moving average,
  • 2 - Smoothed moving average,
  • 3 - Linear weighted moving average.


  • 0 - close price,
  • 1 - open price,
  • 2 - high price,
  • 3 - low price,
  • 4 - median price,
  • 5 - typical price,
  • 6 - weighted close price.

Bollinger MA Price indicator

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Original code:

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