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2012.06.21 13:51

TrendByAngle - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Find the highest and lowest price in the specified period,

then draw four 25~85-degree angle line for forecast price .

Mr Yang @ 2012 &

[EA] Charles-1.3.3 [EA] Charles-1.3.3

EA placing orders progressively and scalping on global profit.

MACD + Flat Market Detector MACD + Flat Market Detector

This is the standard MACD indicator drawing two flat lines instead of a signal line. It allows you to detect and trade flat markets.

Bollinger MA Price Bollinger MA Price

Bollinger Bands indicator with possibility to establish mode of moving average, applied price and deviation as a double value.


I make the new EA similar Sophia1.1 but logic is different and money management. I saw it strategy up a book of Enrico Malverti (Trading Systems).