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e-PSI@MultiSET - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2011.11.21 07:00
2014.04.21 14:55

The idea put in a code, is simple - back and forth motion of the price in a bar. A little bit "mistery" with options also it is possible to relax...:)))

Working bar - ControlPeriod, and the prices we take on opening NewBarInPeriod. I took EURUSD on H1.
It is one of (many) ways of "extraction" of a profit - to be arranged under "the quoted device" DC. As doubtless plus of such approach the controllable risk serves in reasonable limits (to 20 %). As important components of such tactics serve: uninterrupted communication with the server, sense of proportion, unconditional refinancing and the moment of timely change-over.
I work with three Brokers and only at one of them expected results, BUT at this broker floating spread have turned out that for this strategy it is bad...

P.S. The adviser with obvious control of opening of bars.

The adviser is only a part (and a stripped-down functionality) of the entire system consisting of two advisers.

1st to optimize the parameters;
2nd for a real account.

If you have questions or are interested in optimizing the system parameters adviser under your broker, please PM.

Did the work on the bugs (introduced an additional filter), brought to the test conditions to real MM: lot no more than 5.0, the loading deposit no more than 15% (it was 50%):

P.S. I have translated the interface in English.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

YEA3 - simple EA YEA3 - simple EA

Strategy is based on simple rules. It can work on any currency pair. Best results are obtained with the lowest set TS. The strategy works with any broker, but works better with brokers who allow you to set the low TS.

4 Sessions 4 Sessions

Shows 4 sessions: Pacific, Asian, European, American.

e-PSI_ManagerTrailing_v.2.5 e-PSI_ManagerTrailing_v.2.5

Trailing orders (in person) and the total profit.


The system of multiple strategies "in the same package," with a virtual trading system to determine the rankings for each of the strategies (before open market order) and the library management of investment-capital.