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e-PSI(at)PROC - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2011.11.28 07:00
2015.05.12 14:18
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Seemed an interesting idea - first virtual open orders, and then, if the virtual trade this strategy is the Profit, the open market orders. Each of the strategies has its own rating as a percentage of the most successful. To drop the market order, you need to rank the strategy was above the minimum - MinRating. In order to simplify the scaling of new strategies in the counselor had to tweak the code. There is also a source strategies added two more "neural" from different authors and one for MA-Nike. The first "neyronka" has three ways of constructing Perceptron - VarPerceptron: 0 - Perceptron to Close \ Open; 1 - to iStochastic; 2 - on the CCI. Well, for a complete set of added this my library for managing capital.

Each of the strategies has its own Magic, which is formed from the initial Base.Magic adding to it the number of strategies, so to make use of the library b-PSI@ICManager, preferably in row Allowed_Magics register all used Magics through ",".
Also, if the n-th number of strategies, it seemed to me that there would be superfluous, if we add to the capabilities of Councillor Traling total profit. Which can operate in two modes: Classic and MA (TrailProfitByMA = TRUE). Latest first draws a line of minimum profit> 2 warrants equal to 20 (set in code) units of currency depot, and then, when there is the inclusion of trailing, he draws and the price moves SL Profit.
Trawl for each individual warrant from the strategy can also work on AI (Tx.Var.TS = 1), it can also be configured in a mode BezUbytka if Tx.OnlyBU = True.
Feet also have two options for the formation of (Tx.Var.STOP: 0 - classic; 1 - By MA), and TP at Tx.Var.STOP = 1 can be formed in two ways: if Tx.TP = 0, it will be made at MA , or TP = Tx.TP.
Also regulated by the amount offered one strategy warrants - MAX_OrdersOnTC.
Strategies used in the indicators can be set to the desired timeframe - Period.Indicators not necessarily coinciding with the period of the schedule. Periods of all relevant indicators, including trailing by MA, working on this parameter.
Period.New.Send - regulates pause to open (if the conditions for the opening) of the following orders on the strategy, if MAX_OrdersOnTC> 1.

More details about this site can be read in that article.

In the archives of all the work for the library adviser.
as I mentioned at the beginning, you can effortlessly add to this system of their strategy. Number of processed advisor strategies governed by a constant #define MAX_TC. Prescribe conditions for the individual functions of opening and closing orders, add to the external configuration variables and their strategy - working!..


All external variables (set adviser), linked to the dimension of the quotations have capacity for 4 digits - you put a value for 4-digits, and the adviser itself automatically recalculates the capacity depending on quotations received from DC!

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Original code:

e-PSI_ManagerTrailing_v.2.5 e-PSI_ManagerTrailing_v.2.5

Trailing orders (in person) and the total profit.

e-PSI@MultiSET e-PSI@MultiSET

On a way to Grail!...

Дивергенция на стандартном Стохастике Дивергенция на стандартном Стохастике

Индикатор показывает дивергеницию на стандартном стохастике.


Average Directional Movement Index with Standard Deviation