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2011.11.22 10:09

e-PSI_ManagerTrailing_v.2.5 - expert for MetaTrader 4

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The purpose of the Expert Advisor - support orders.

First let's define "what orders?". Filtering can be performed by Magik (MG): > 0 - every; 0 - open manually; > 0 - open a specific advisor, then we can choose a list of symbols with whom to work EA (List_Symbols) (symbol put this through, "" without gaps, if you leave this option blank - Advisor will work with any symbol) and then put OnlyCurrentSymbol = false.

Determine which orders will work Expert Advisor, further define its task by identifying with what "dimension" to it to work - ValueInCurrency (or currency deposits or a percentage of the depot), then:

  • TrailProfit_ON - inclusion of trailing total profit;
  • TakeProfit_ON - inclusion Take total profit;
  • StopLoss_ON - the inclusion of foot total profit;
  • PartClose_ON - a partial closure orders;
  • N_Trailing - is trailing (only orders of the current symbol) to choose from 0 to 11 (library trailing).

What else you need to consider when working with EA: if enabled Trailing profit and total profit value of the selected orders exceeded the threshold of this very trailing, then the partial closure orders, and "personal" trailing WILL NOT be!

P.S. In the new version of the archive.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

e-PSI@MultiSET e-PSI@MultiSET

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