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4 Sessions - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2011.11.15 12:14
2014.04.21 14:55
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4Sessions v2.3

Shows 4 sessions: Pacific, Asian, European, American.

  • Winter=2 (UTC+2=EET)
  • Summer=3 (UTC+3=EET)

The difference between the mt server's timezone and UTC. By default the mt server's timezone is EET (UTC+2=EET (winter), UTC+3=EET (summer). You'll have to change the settings depending on your broker's time. E.g. if it's CET you'll have to set:

  • Winter=1 (UTC+1=CET)
  • Summer=2 (UTC+2=CET)
The indicator automatically adjusts itself for DST.

AsiaDesc = "Asia"; Session name
AsiaColor = Aqua; Session color
AsiaOpen = "00:00"; Session open time (UTC timezone)
AsiaClose = "09:00"; Session close time (UTC timezone)

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Original code:

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