Session Timer

Session Timer

16 April 2022, 06:42
Keni Chetankumar Gajanan -

Forex market is open 24 hours during the week including a part of the weekend depending on the city or country you stay. Being a decentralised market, there is no exact hours for forex trading.

The market stretches across the main financial centres of Sydney or Tokyo in the East to New York in the West, all at different time zones. The volume and liquidity may be high depending on the currency pair being traded in a related time zone. For e.g., an AUD or JPY pair may have increased trade volumes during the session hours of the Asian time zone.

The session hours are notional based on the bank working hours of the city being considered. The overlay of European and American sessions will have more liquidity resulting in increased volatility for day traders. Day traders monitor prices for each session and may consider entering or exit positions on session breakouts.

Session Timer shows the current time, session information as well as visual range (high-low) on chart for major markets. The selectable cities with its session timings are:

City Abbr. Open Close
Sydney SYD 7 or 8 AM* 4 or 5 PM*
Tokyo TKY 9 AM 6 PM
Frankfurt FFM 8 AM 5 PM
London LON 8 AM 5 PM
New York NYC 8 AM 5 PM

*depending on DST / New York close time

Also included is an option to choose an additional city.

Session Timer functionality includes:

  • Displays current time for the main markets (Sydney, Tokyo, Frankfurt, London and New York).
  • Handles Daylight savings (DST) update for above cities.
  • Allows display of an additional city with user defined settings.
  • Highlights the opening and closing of markets by user defined color.
  • Selection to show time with a per second update or the current session status (upcoming, live or closed).
  • Option to show Server and GMT time.
  • Option to show Candle Timer or upcoming session Timer with alert sound notifications.
  • Easy user interface with clickable button icons for navigating options.
  • Customizable font and size.
  • Position the text on any specified window or location on the chart.
  • Shows session range (high-low price) on chart for the previous or current session with user assigned city color. Also allows to view the open price for each session.

  • You may choose to display the City Time   or the Session Time  (upcoming, live or closed) by clicking the shown button icon.

Product Links:
MT5 version
MT4 version

This document details the functionalities and is also a guide on how to configure the indicator.

Indicator Settings

The following are the customizable indicator settings:

: You can temporarily disable the indicator rather than deleting it.

: Unique identifier for the indicator on the chart. This is useful when multiple instances of "Session Timer" is to be shown. Each object shown for the panel is differentiated by the identifier internally to avoid conflict.
Change the text for each instance:
Session Timer - Instance 1 - Indi1
Session Timer - Instance 2 - Indi2

: Enter the cities to be displayed seperated by commas. The following cities have been configured:
SYD Sydney
TKY Tokyo
FFM Frankfurt
LON London
NYC New York

: Adjust the GMT offset for the server time. This is required for drawing the session range correctly on the chart. For e.g.
If the server is location GMT +2 (Cyprus)
Without GMT - 120 minutes
With GMT - 180 minutes

: Select the Time format to shown:
For e.g - Date Time: 13-Jul-2023 12:08:11
- mm/dd hh:mm:ss -> 07/13 12:08:11
- mm/dd hh:ss -> 07/12 12:08
- hh:mm:ss -> 12:08:11
- hh:mm -> 12:08

: Select whether City Time or Session Timer is shown by default. Accordingly, the button icon will be enabled to show the current time for each city or remaining time for an upcoming or closure for each city session.


Option to include the display of the Server time and GMT time.


Option to include the display of the Candle Timer or Upcoming (next) Session.

Candle Timer: The indicator displays the remaining time for a new candle formation. You can choose the period for the candle timer.

Upcoming Session Timer: The indicator will display the remaining time for the next session.

You can decide to choose to enable or disable on alert a second before the new candle or upcoming session starts.

Enable Alert ->     Disable Alert ->  

Additional City - Settings

Session Timer allows you to choose an additional city to be shown. Below explains on how you can configure the “Additional City parameters”.

: Decide if the additional city is shown

: - The abbreviation (short name) to be shown for the additional city
- The City name to be shown on the tooltip

: Enter the GMT offset to calculate the time for additional city, session open and close for the session range.
For e.g. Mumbai (India) time is 5½ ahead of GMT, which is +330 minutes from GMT.
The Session opens at Mumbai at 8 AM local time and closes at 5PM i.e. 17 hours.

Styling and Formatting

Below explains on how you can configure the “Font and Color Settings”

: Select the Font and its size for text to be displayed

: Select the color for Session Open and Close.

: Select the color for the text when the Market is closed.

: Select the color for the text to show the GMT/UTC or Server (Broker) time.

: Select the color for the text to show the Timer (Candle / Session timer).

Location of Text

The indicator allows the text to be located on any window on the chart. Also multiple cities can be displayed on each row. Below is an explanation on how this can be configured.

: You can choose the location of the text in the chart window. "Window 0" is the default chart window. As you add other indicators to be shown on separate windows (for e.g. RSI, Stochastic, etc.), the platform will show it on “Window 1” and onwards.

       Notification Toggle Location - Guide
You can select the text to be displayed on any of the four chart corners and also adjust the location by specifying pixels to shift on the x and y axis.
You can specify the gap between the cities (rows) as well as the gap for city and its time being displayed.

: Multiple cities can be displayed on each row. Also the gap between each city can be configured.
Session Range on Chart

The indicator includes an option to show the price range (high-low) for the latest (closed or live) session on the chart. Clicking on the  button will toggle (show  or hide) display of the session range. All the session ranges drawn on chart can be removed by clicking the erase   button icon.

Below is an explanation on how the color and border style can be configured.

: Decide if the City abbreviation (short name) is displayed along with the session range for the city.

: You can choose the session color for each city in the list (Indicator Settings).

For e.g, the default taken is a same color for a region:
Asia (SYD,TKY) -> SaddleBrown
Europe (FFM,LON) -> Teal
America (NYC) -> Violet

Additional City (MUM) -> Pink

The indicator also provides the option to view the open price for each session by clicking on the session range rectangle . You may also extend the open price line to the current candle by clicking the open price line as shown below. Clicking again toggles the display of the open price.

: The border style can be selected for the session range. The list is the default as provided by MetaTrader

Please note:
  1. The display of session range (high and low) on click of any city is possible only for chart period below or equal to H1.
  2. The indicator will show errors in “Journal” and “Experts” tabs of the terminal/toolbox (Ctrl+T) window.

Disclaimer: Past performance may not show future results. You cannot hold me responsible for use of the indicator or for any information provided in this document.

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