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29 December 2021, 11:54
Elmira Memish
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I have posted several videos and  informations about the Cycle Sniper Indicator. My aim is to present all the information I have published before,

by adding the features of the new version, to interested people in a single article.

You will also find the older videos about the settings and the strategies.

Updated version can be found here:

I recommend watching all these videos carefully !

New No Repaint indicator for reversals :

Cycle Sniper + Extreme Reversal Sniper + Beta Bands...Strong reversal trading strategy:

After watching all videos, please do not hesitate to contact us for your further questions via PM

Free helping indicators will be sent via PM as soon as you contact us.

What's in the New Version 

I have added deviation filter to prevent false signals and increase the accuracy.

There is an option of "true" or "false".

If its set to "true", the filter will be working as explained on the video.

What is the deviation filter? I have recorded a video about it.


As you will see on my previous videos, I use two different settings.

Set 1: For shorter period and smaller deviations.

Set 2: For longer periods and bigger deviations.

I have attached those settings with the new function of the indicator.

Please watch this very important video before purchasing:

Very simple and Strong Strategy

How to make a million in FX Trading: Gold Strategy

Sample Gold and DAX Trade with Cycle Sniper Simple Strategy

Constant Profits with Cycle Sniper Simple Strategy

Gold Trade with Cycle Sniper Simple Strategy: Where to take profit


  • How to put Stop Loss and Take Profit according to Cycle Sniper

  • Deviation check

  • Scalping with Cycle Sniper by checking different timeframes deviations

  • New Tools Cycle Sniper Beta Bands and Cycle Sniper Alpha Triger

  • DJI Scalping and where to put take profit and stop loss

  • Cycle Blocks and Cycle Sniper

  • Gold Scalping Sample with different time frames checking and takeprofit / stop loss

  • Another sample of scalping by checking the other timeframes

  • Does not repaint.

  • Scalping strategy with Cycle Sniper. Checking Beta Bands and Different Timeframes

  • Smart Cycle Blocks Trader... coming soon

  • Gold Scalp M1 and M5 . DJI H1 

  • GOLD Scalping by Cycle Sniper and Advanced Chart Patterns Tracker

  • Importance of the fundamentals while reading the Cycles

  • Video about how to use 2 settings of CS at the same chart

  • Video about how to read the Cycle Sniper and checking the different timeframes.

  • Video for complete trading system:

  • Guiding Videos

Trading Chart Patterns with Cycle Sniper

I hope those information will be enough to set your strategy by Cycle Sniper.


Important note: If you do not want signals not to dissappear on the current candle , you need select: Price = Close Price ( default is "weighted" )

However, in this case , you may miss the early entries.

Contact us via Mql5 PM, Skype or Discord for more information.

Check our website for more information:

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