"Which feature is the easiest for me at home?" .                                                                       .

"Which feature is the easiest for me at home?" .                                                                       .

27 March 2020, 05:05
Yohana Parmi
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Hello everyone,

Lately, the situation of co-19 has become increasingly difficult.
In the following, there are some important discussions with students,
-- useful discussions to share with you.

" It seems like we will have to stay at home for a long time :( "

Yes. -- we must be patient and surrender to God.
Hopefully we can survive in this situation, -- and conditions throughout the world can soon improve.

The good news is that there are still many good people in the world who help each other,
-- especially doctors, nurses and volunteers who have risked their lives to help and serve us.

They are our heroes. May God protect them and their families.
-- All of them, are extraordinary humanitarian fighters.

Including our government, which is working hard to get us out of this crisis.
-- We as good citizens, must obey all their rules that must be applied.

" Thanks. "
" Is trading on forex still reliable and can be expected? "

Yes. -- but it depends on the way you use, including how you can control your trading emotions.
Never repeat a mistake, and please don't use old methods that have been unsuitable for now.

" umm.. I know that, but .. "
" .. I think the biggest problem is not in me. "
" The market is too bad, so that makes me often stressed. "

Yes, you are right.
-- There are times like that on the market.

" How to fix that? "

You should use an up-to-date method that does not drain your energy and mind.
-- Use a reliable method, which can make you more time with family at home and
-- you have more time to monitor how their health.

" Which feature is the easiest for me can work at home? "
//+ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +
" .. The current situation makes it difficult for me to concentrate. "
" So I need an accurate method, at least 99% "

Please select this method, by use the feature in determining the reversal point.
You will not have a burden on your mind,
-- because this method does not need thinking much of how the market trends.

As on Wednesday, March 25, I have reminded you like this:

Reversal Technique
today's event

At the time - the market gives us a chance,
-- can you catch it? :)

With just a little practice here,
-- you can definitely catch this chance.

  • The market is too cruel,
    -- but .. we cannot deny the fact.

  • Be careful, today's market is currently not healthy.
    -- but .. this is the right time to practice something important for your trading.

  • Today, GBPUSD reaches 1.22xx, was started from actual Support 1.16422

" Ohh you mean, before I act on the chart, "
" .. I just need to wait for the notification? "

Yes, just like that :)
-- Is that hard for you?

Description and guidance at :

" ahh I just realized that :)) "
" Yes, in the past I found it difficult to wait for something. "
" .. but you are right, now I have to do it. "

Now is the right time to apply an up-to-date method,
according to how the market works the same since the market existed.

good luck
stay wise in mastering trading emotions.

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