Trade Plan at Actual Support & Resistance

Trade Plan at Actual Support & Resistance

11 July 2018, 14:03
Yohana Parmi

Hello traders,

When I have free time, then I will post my trade plan here.
Why am I doing this:

  • Train myself to stay diligent in planning before do something in the market.
  • Share to you who need a trading plan this week.
  • Share to beginners who just entered the market to stay cautious,
    because although trading looks simple, but it is not easy.
    Be sure to have a trade plan first before dealing the market.
  • Example how to trade with A2SR.

But of course you can create your own trade plan.

How important is a trade plan ?
Find out here.

Get user's guide : 
1st hit opportunity :

By the way, the trade plan below is not trade recommendation.
-- maybe better you use your own trade plan :)

Good luck, traders
wish you all the best

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