The VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor is a professional tool for trading grids of orders on financial instruments

The VR Smart Grid Expert Advisor is a professional tool for trading grids of orders on financial instruments

1 April 2018, 23:11
Vladimir Pastushak
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Additional and extended information about the EA VR Smart Grid 

In the basic description of the EA couldn't fit, it is recommended to have in a blog post. In fact, all of 3000 characters does not fit )))) Questions write in comments. 

At the end of the article you will be able to download an archive with a demo version,


Trading principle of the EA  VR Smart Grid:

The EA enters the market depending on the generated signal on the price chart. As a signal, the price movement in the channel is taken, that is, the EA does not look at the specific price of 1, 23658 but at the channel 1, 23568 - 156987 and looks at how the channel is moving. This is how the EA determines the main movement. Then, depending on the formed candlesticks, the EA enters the market.

An additional filter is the CCI indicator. The EA trades both against the trend and according to the trend. By trend, the EA opens orders only if the previous order has no loss.

The EA works with a grid of orders with the ability to average orders not only with the whole bundle, but also to use partial averaging. The network of orders is also reduced due to the trailing of the order with the largest lot. The EA accumulates profit and can repay the most unprofitable orders at its expense.

The picture shows the channel and the CCI indicator notice how the channel moves, how its lines move and how the indicator renders.

VR Smart Grid

The algorithm of the EA operation in manual trading mode:

This is a unique algorithm of its kind assistant, allowing the trader to set the levels for the grids, set the lots.

The peculiarity and uniqueness lies in the fact that you can place the levels at any angle and on any trend.

Just watch the video with the EA operation in manual mode.

VR Smart Grid

Extended description of VR Smart Grid settings:

  • Type trade - (Choice) the EA operation Type can be one of seven options. 
    • Trade all orders - Auto trade-the EA uses all signals and trades both buy and sell orders. This is a classic and the easiest way to work in automatic mode.
    • Only buy orders - Auto trade-the EA trades only buy orders, sell signals are ignored, the mode is effectively used in an uptrend. This mode is best used if you are sure that the price is rising and will continue to rise for a long time, While you have included a smooth stop of transactions for sale or do not sell sell sell orders at all.
    • Only sell orders - Auto trade-the EA trades only sell orders, buy signals are ignored, the mode is effectively used in a downtrend. As with buy orders, this method is effective when you are sure that the price will go down. 
    • Stop trade buy orders - Auto trade - Advisor to smoothly stop the trade with buy orders, to use effectively while the trend is to stop accidental purchases.
    • Stop trade sell orders - Auto trade - Advisor to smoothly stop the trade orders to sell, to use effectively in an uptrend, to stop accidental sale.
    • Stop trade - Auto trading-the EA stops trading smoothly, this mode is effective when you need to stop the EA operation smoothly. Keep in mind that a smooth stop does not mean that the EA will no longer open orders. Orders will be opened until the EA finishes the current trading cycle.
    • Manual trading - Manual trading mode is a unique trading mode that allows the trader to build his network of orders. The trader distributes the opening levels of the following orders himself. Description of this regime you can watch higher. and it is also recommended to study the video instructions!
  • Type Averaging - (Selection) order averaging Type can be one of three options.
    • All orders - All orders for the type, or only sell orders or buy orders.
    • Two orders Maximal and Minimal - Mode in which two orders are averaged, the most unprofitable order with the minimum volume and the most recent order with the maximum volume. This unusual mode allows you to partially reduce the network of orders and thereby bring the take profit value closer to the current price. It is important to note that the mode starts to work only if there are at least four orders of the same type, before this amount All orders mode works.
    • No averaging - Averaging is not used. This mode is effective in conjunction with a trailing stop and trade the trend.
  • Trade only new bar? - (Select) Use the new bar mode, this mode allows the EA to work only when a new period comes. That is, there is a new candle.
    • Off - The EA does not take into account the new bar-candle
    • On - The EA makes trades only when a new bar-candle appears
  • Trade trend? - This mode works on the principle of maximum profit and minimum risk, if the EA works on the trend at the top, then each following order will be opened only if the previous order has a stop loss moved to lossless. And there is no risk of loss from other previously opened orders.  Trading on the trend Advisor minimum lot can collect a large position and maxima to collect the trend.
  • Trailing Stop - Works if more than zero, classic trailing stop. This is a classic move of stop loss after price towards loss reduction and profit increase.
  • Trailing period - Works if more than zero, trailing stop on the channel of the main signal algorithm. This is a specialized trailing stop that moves the stop loss not just for the price but for the values of the price channel. It turns out that the stop loss is on the border of the channel and only works when there is really a reversal of the price.
  • Start lot - The initial lot for trading is used to open the first orders in the series.
  • MM Type lots - The type of lot calculation for the order network can be one of five options
    • Start lot - Use initial lot Start lot unchanged lots Mask looks like this 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1
    • Martingale lot - Each subsequent lot is multiplied by 2 Mask lots looks like 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256              
    • Fibo lot - Each subsequent lot is equal to the sum of the previous two lots 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21
    • Sum start lot - Each subsequent lot is incremented by the start lot              1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13
    • Up lot + Dw lot - Each subsequent lot is equal to the sum of lots of the maximum and minimum orders.   1,1 = 2(1+1) - 1,1,2 = 3(1+2) - 3,6,8,9 =12(3+9)
  • Point order step - Distance between orders in the order grid
  • Minimal profit for close grid - Minimum profit when closing a network of orders
  • The profit from the partial position closure - An additional mode of reducing positions in the market.
  • Show Account Info - To balance
  • Magic Number - Serial number of orders
  • Slippage - 
  • Slippage

Video about the EA operation VR Smart Grid

Test and experiment with the EA! Work on the IMPORTANT NEWS! 


Program version VR Smart Grid

There are several versions of the program paid and free, I always give the opportunity to take what you want gratis.

1 - Market version-this version is paid and the price starts from $ 50 per month rent.

2 - Version on site developer-this version is distributed under the affiliate program for free,

Together with the version of the affiliate program, the trader gets unlimited access to all the author's products for free!

Below You can download the archive with the Advisor VR Smart Grid

I am opposed to the fact that the expert advisors tested in the strategy tester.

Expert advisors should be tested as close to real conditions as possible. This can only be a demo or, in extreme cases, a cent account.

I strongly recommend checking the profitability of the trading strategy on a demo or cent account. 

Unfortunately, the Market can only give you the opportunity to test in the tester, for this I made a demo version for what could be tested on a demo account.

You can download the archive containing instructions in two languages, test reports, and an optimization file with a couple of dozen sets of settings.

Скачать архив

Share the link, I will be grateful! Thank you each, hope this will help you become successful!

Project author Voldemar

The author's site

18. 42-Important update! 
Fixed issue with magic numbers. 
Earlier, when you change the Medzhik number in the process of opening a lot of orders. 
The problem is fixed!

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