Technical analysis on autopilot

Technical analysis on autopilot

8 July 2017, 14:24
Denis Miroshnichenko

Probably everyone knows that without the technical analysis on Forex it is impossible to clearly imagine where the market will now move. The automatic analysis of the situation on the market and the giving of signals about the favorable moment for entry is the dream of most traders. A few years ago, such a software product was out of the question, but progress does not stand still.

Analytics has always taken a lot of effort and time, and in trading especially. Despite all attempts to optimize processes - the human resource has always been a limitation. The arrival of the same computerization has made a real revolution in forex analytics, and at the moment automatic analytical tools have not supplanted the outdated manual approach, but organically supplement it.

With the advent of computer programs, the process of searching for graphic models has become much simpler, but it also takes a long time, especially if it concerns intraday trading. However, now manual labor can be easily automated with this tool, which is also completely free.


Triangles, wedges, channels, figures "Double bottom", "Double top", "Head and shoulders", etc .;


Shows the statistics of the main graphic models for the last six months;


The system provides an assessment of current risks and market volatility;


 Provides a technical market survey for the next 24-48 hours;


Corrections and extensions, the patterns of "Butterfly" and Gartley, ABCD;


The system is in a state of constant market scanning, as a result of which it automatically identifies graphic patterns, Fibonacci patterns, as well as levels of support and resistance in their still rudimentary state. Of course, the obvious advantage of determining the figures before they are fully formed is to at least set a limit on your current trade, or enter the position as soon as possible on the appropriate signal.

Volatility analysis, in turn, offers statistical information on the volatility of prices of traded instruments, offering a forecast for 15 - 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours and 24 hours. In addition, knowing the indicators of volatility, you can decide which instrument is better to trade at the moment, and based on this information you can correct the stop-loss and take-profit levels, which it is desirable to set for the specified price range.

The system  can easily replace the beginner learning graphic figures, boring teaching aids, and training is much more visible and in real time.


Tab «Our Favorites»

This window reflects the most current recommendations on online transactions. It is here that you can choose trading tools for analysis, limit the number of results by recommendations, and set a minimum level of % probability, which can reach 80% accuracy.

Tab «Trading opportunities»

This is the most important working window in which you can monitor the formation of graphic models. Clicking on the picture will give you a graph on an enlarged scale. On the right is an information panel showing the quality and accuracy of the patterning. Below you will find a list of filters for sorting graphic shapes.

Tab «Volatility Analysis» 

This window provides a forecast of the size of the range of price changes in the intraday period.

Tab «Performance statistics»

Thanks to this tab you can see which patterns are being worked out more often, and which trading tools the best results were achieved.

Also available tabs, where it is possible to configure automatic sending of letters with forecasts, trade signals and economic news to your e-mail, as well as use training aids that will greatly facilitate the work with the system.

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Let's look at the advantages of this platform of technical analysis:

  • The use of the system is free of charge and does not require any special knowledge from the trader;

  • No need to waste time on manual search for graphic patterns, the system will independently make all the constructions directly on the chart and notify you by an audible signal or notification to an e-mail;

  • The system provides early Forex trading signals even before the final formation of graphic figures, which gives you the opportunity to obtain additional profit;

  • The available statistics allow traders to evaluate the effectiveness of signals and choose the most optimal trading tools;

  • Fine-tuning parameters using filters makes it possible to experiment, and also to choose only the graphic patterns necessary for trading;

  • The presence of a variety of teaching materials, manuals and video lessons makes learning the basics of the system easy and fun;

  • The system can work both in the MT4 trading terminal and as a web application in your browser, and is fully compatible with all mobile devices, which makes it universal.

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The system is certainly an indispensable assistant, as it provides all the information necessary for trade, including trading signals and risk accounting. Several qualitative functions are also included in the system, which reflect such characteristics of patterns as accuracy, visual attractiveness and time symmetry, which allows calculating further scenarios of price development with enviable accuracy, and also significantly improve the performance of forecasts.

Having in its arsenal this system, the forex trader not only relieves his activity, getting rid of routine work on recognizing graphic figures, but also enters a qualitatively new level of technical analysis.

And for beginners, the program will replace the training manual for defining trade patterns on the chart, which will not only check the already existing skills of recognizing the figures, but also try to improve them in order to be able to find figures in the future "by sight".

I wish a profitable trade!



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