How London Gold Fix Price Benchmark Is Manipulated?

8 January 2017, 13:07
Ahmad Hassam

Do you know about London Gold Fix that takes place twice daily?

Twice daily the benchmark price of gold is fixed with the collusion of a few banks in London.

I have written this post in which I have posted videos and explained in detail how London Gold Fix Benchmark is manipulated.

In the recent years a lot of reports have been written that explain in detail how this collusion of a few banks in London fixes gold prices.

Gold is still an important commodity in the global commodity and is going to stay important for a long time.

The reason is simple. Global financial system is once again moving back toward the gold standard.

This is happening slowly. But will accelerate if in future US Dollar comes under pressure.

This will happen as Chinese Yuan has now been included in the international reserve currency basket.

With the rise of Chinese Yuan, US Dollar will come under more and more pressure.

Analysts are of the opinion that gold price surge once again.

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