GBPJPY Shoots Up 800 Pips In just 2 Days

30 December 2016, 12:55
Ahmad Hassam

GBPJPY is always on a roller coaster.

It can go up 300-500 pips in 24 hours.

Then reverse and go down 300-500 pips in down direction.

Read this post that analyses GBPJPY 800 pips move in just 2 days.

When you trade GBPJPY always keep risk as low as possible.

Daily you can make 100-200 pips easily with GBPJPY.

Just make sure that you don't risk more than 20 pips per trade.

When you trade GBPJPY, it is a good idea to check GBPUSD and USDJPY as well.


if we take a log of both sides;


By regressing log(GBPJPY) against log(GBPUSD) and log(USDJPY) you can find a linear relationship.

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