Two UAE Traders Charged With Spoofing Gold And Silver Prices At Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME

23 December 2016, 06:59
Ahmad Hassam

Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME is the largest futures and options exchange.

Two UAE based traders have been charged with spoofing the gold and silver prices on CME.

Read this blog post that explains what these 2 UAE traders were doing and what happened.

We have been taught that markets are too deep and liquid to be manipulated by anyone.

But now are reading these spoofing stories that expose how easy it is to manipulate the markets.

Flash Crashes are being caused by individual traders.

A few months back, British Pound crashed 1000 pips in less a minute.

This caused havoc in the market.

Nobody knows what caused this flash crash.

Most probable cause is a rogue algorithm that picked the harsh statement on Brexit by French President and opened a very large sell trade.

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