Portfolio Basic

Portfolio Basic

24 November 2016, 16:04
Tomas Vanek

The portfolio is built of all our proof products on mql5

1. I added the equity pictures of the whole portfolio

2. I added a .zip file with PDF backtests of simple strategies since May 5th 2003 til October 13th 2016


You can see what results you can get from simple strategies and what from the whole portfolio.

We didn´t use any logical elements but we united our products when we had made the portfolio, so that´s why several strategies have got higher degree of correlation.

We prepared for you two monitorings with all of these products. The first one is DEMO and the second one is Micro Live acc.

The monitorings are launched for a short time meanwhile, we are going to publish them in January 2017.

equity.png 188 kb
korelace.png 126 kb
predict.png 36 kb
prehled.png 61 kb
prehled01.png 31 kb
robust01.png 117 kb
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