Scalping with MTF Currency Strength and Impulse

Scalping with MTF Currency Strength and Impulse

28 October 2016, 14:11
Bernhard Schweigert
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Scalping M5 setup with multi time frame Currency Strength and Currency Impulse

(If you read first time about Impulse and CS please check tradingsystem here and here)

Here Currency Strength is read for trend and Impluse is used as entry trigger. I also like to see it within supply/demand zones as confirmation.

  • Using entry signal m5 currency Impulse.
  • GBP currency strength line shows trend of H1 and m15 short
  • JPY was holding up H1, m15 with small consolidation and then continuation
  • Impulse gave signal acceleration GBP short on m5 with fast sensitivity and live candle alert

Result: GBP weak and JPY strong = GBPJPY SELL



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