Heater - Starc Bands and Bollinger Bands

9 October 2016, 18:14
Brian Derich


I was cleaning up some piles of old trading related papers sitting around and I came across this system. I'm currently testing the EA in the very early stages.

What interested me was the exit (and the entry is not bad either). I'm not sure if this guy cherry picked the entry to show on this example so I thought I would code it and see how it goes. 

It uses bollinger bands and starc bands for entry / exits. Take a look at the exit -> for a sell trade, exit when the top bollinger band intersects the entry price. I'd say is fairly accurate, but we shall see on demo. If this exit works well as a target, I'll add it to be available to all my Tipster Multi-Pair (TMP's).

Once you get some closed trades, open a chart with the attached template. Then go to your history tab and drag the closed trade to the chart. The chart will change to the symbol and mark the entry and exit for you. You will need to adjust the time frame yourself.

Read more about this EA 

The are two indicators required

Enter when black Starc bands cross down over the top bolliger band.
When the bollinger band (red) top band intersects the entry price we exit.



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