BOJ's Kuroda inflation expectations in practice are "highly sticky"

20 June 2016, 10:09
Sherif Hasan

BOJ governor Kuroda back across the wires 20 June 2016

  • inflation expectations observed in practice are highly sticky and change only slowly
  • firmly stabilising inflation expectations at desired level represents and unprecedented difficult challenge
  • changing deflationary mindset absolutely necessary
  • with the world full of uncertainty its difficult in practice to present central banks 'policy options for all contingencies in advance
  • to date it is not sufficiently clear under what circumstances and through which mechanisms QE is effective

Seems like Kuroda still on an excuse-making mission. Mind you, he's not the only central banker on that course right now.

USDJPY a tad lower at 104.59. Support noted between 104.40-50

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