All about Automated Trading Championship: Additional Materials of Championships 2006-2007

18 August 2008, 08:23
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Two years have passed since the first Automated Trading Championship. A lot of interesting information has been accumulated for this time: statistical reports, interviews with traders, useful articles. We present to you a selection of these materials that are divided into several parts. The present one contains additional materials about automated trading, Expert Advisors development, etc.

How can mathematics help in estimation of trading results? How does Better see the current states of the Participants of Championship 2007? How do trading systems change on the basis of the data produced by the previous Championships? How difficult is it to organize such a competition in the real-time mode and support it interactively? What do the Organizers of the Championship think of it? All these topics are selected in a separate review and, we hope, will be interesting and useful for you.

Mathematics in Trading: How to Estimate Trade Results

A certain level of mathematical background is required of any trader, and this statement needs no proof. The matter is only: How can we define this minimum required level?

Analytical Report by Better

The leader of the Championship, Olexandr Topchylo (Better), can both develop profitable Expert Advisors and analyze them. He made very interesting conclusions in the course of his research.

Automated Trading Today and Tomorrow

As is known, chaotic and irregular trading can result in huge financial losses. However, even having developed an effective trading strategy, one cannot be fully sure of success. Man is not a robot.

Evolution of Trading Systems

Championship 2006 changed much in the developers' views. Participants of the last-year Championship drew the conclusion that it was very important to review their trading strategies fundamentally, choose other analytical tools or systems of risk and money management.

The Equipment for the Automated Trading Championship 2006

The blade server PowerEdge 1855 at the cost of US$35 000 has been delivered to the central office of the MetaQuotes Software Corp. today. The server was ordered at the Dell Computer Corporation (USA). It took about one and a half month for it to get to its place here, in Kazan (Russia).

Championship Winners' Prize

The first annual Automated Trading Championship 2006 is coming to its end. There are only two days left, which means there is plenty of time still for the first 3 places to keep changing. As it was declared before, the Winners will get 80 000 dollars and much more to come.

Automated Trading Championship 2006: Organizer's Note

The first annual Automated Trading Championship 2006 comes to the end. Now we can give some preliminary results of the Championship. A great amount of work has been done within the last 6 months and the results of the competition are more than impressive. 258 developers from all over the world have taken part in it. This is an unique and very important event. No such events have taken place yet.

Automated Trading Championship 2007: Organizer's Note

The Automated Trading Championship 2007 has come to its end. This contest brought many discoveries for everybody and hugely contributed to the development of automated trading as an industry.

The Automated Trading Championship: 2006 and 2007

Automated trading is undoubtedly one of the most prospective spheres in modern trading. The popularity of this technology continually grows. Considering this fact, we decided to organize the Automated Trading Championship.

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